Welcome to my Warrior Mums, a collection of family journeys from parents of children/adults with special needs.
Some of our mums are advocates or established campaigners, one is a midwife, then we have two nurses, three teachers, two solicitors and a GP....
Their stories have been a learning curve for parents and professionals alike.

We've had to adapt to so many government cuts and policies in the last few years and it's taken its toll on families. This blog has given parents the opportunity to share their individual experience of their unplanned life with a vulnerable adult/child.

Some parents have had great support with wonderful professional guidance, whilst others, sadly, have been lied about and deceived, blamed for their child's 'problems' by some who have no understanding of their disability. Facts about their family life have been distorted and manipulated into many untruths, making parents aware their reputation precedes them in every meeting they attend. They feel judged, disrespected and ganged up on. Telling their story in Warrior Mums puts their truth 'out there' for all to see.

A major concern is that when a young person reaches the age of 18, regardless of whether they have autism or a severe learning disability, legally, they are classed as an adult. As a parent you can no longer make decisions on their behalf. If your loved one is in the care of the state and you upset the care staff or social workers then the chances are they will stop you from visiting or from having any contact. Information regarding medication or any other health issues about your loved one's welfare is withheld, all under the guise of your loved one's 'best interest', pulling out the Court of Protection/Mental Capacity Act gagging cards. The cruel message to parents is clear - - tow the line, stop asking questions and taking too much interest or lose contact with your child.

It's hard to believe this government are locking up people with special needs, people who would have had more freedom in the 70s living in big 'institutions' than they do in 'independent living' today...

We have to do something to stop this abuse of power. We have to do something today...

Michelle Daly

24 December 2012


Celebrating my two publications with special cakes

Well, it's that wonderful time of the year again! I am sitting here on this Christmas Eve waiting for Patrick and Anna to come home. Marie is carried along with the excitement awaiting her brother and sister's arrival.

This time last year my son and daughter were working over Christmas and I spent most of the festive period writing With a Little Help From my Friends.  And now a year later my book is published and already received some great reviews. I also dropped Authorhouse and published 'I Love Charlotte Bronté' myself. So this year in fact, I became my own woman. Haha, I know most of my friends will laugh at that remark because I have always been bossy and like all my own way and 'my own woman' is all I've ever been. 

Do you like my dolls? They're like Marmite; people love them or hate them but I will tell you how I came to possess them.

Some years ago when I was living in the west of Ireland I was driving through a little town called Castlerea, in the county of Roscommon, when I noticed these five mannequins in the window of a childrens clothing shop. I am one of five girls and they immediately reminded me of my sisters, so I stopped the car and went into the shop. I told the woman how lovely I thought they were and asked if she ever wanted to sell them to give me a call. I left my contact details with her and drove on home. Imagine my surprise when she rang me a couple of weeks later to say she was retiring and her shop was closing down. She invited me to make her an offer on the five mannequins. That kind lady gave me them for next to nothing, saying how glad she was that they were going to a good home. She even threw a baby in for luck! There are four of them in the picture. I have the smallest one and baby in another room beside our 2nd Christmas tree. So that's the story behind them and they remind me of happy times with my sisters when I was little.

I wonder what 2013 has in store? Now that my writing projects are finished I am going to concentrate on getting I Love Charlotte Bronté on  stage. The script is ready, I just need an enthusiastic director. Fingers crossed and let's hope it's up and running this time next year.

Finally I would like to wish all my friends and those on Facebook and Twitter too, a merry Christmas and for those who've lost a loved one this year, I hope you won't feel too sad over the holiday.

Michelle xxx