Warrior Mums

Warrior Mums
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Welcome to Warrior Mums, a collection of family journeys from parents of children/adults with special needs. Some of our mums are advocates or established campaigners, one is a midwife, then we have two nurses, three teachers, two solicitors and a GP....
Their stories have been a learning curve for parents and professionals alike.

We've had to adapt to so many government cuts and policies in the last two years and it's taken its toll on families. This blog has given parents the opportunity to share their individual experience of the joys and sorrow and ups and downs of life with a disabled child. Some, like myself, have kind and caring social workers and there are whole families that have benefitted from great professional support and guidance, whilst others, sadly, have been lied about and deceived, blamed for their child's 'problems' by some who have no understanding of the disability. Facts about their family life have been distorted and manipulated into many untruths, making parents painfully aware as they drag themselves from one assessment to the next, that their reputation probably precedes them. They feel judged, disrespected and ganged up on, so sharing their story in Warrior Mums puts their truth out there for all to read.

A major concern that’s recently come to light for many of us is that nowadays when a young person reaches the age of 18, regardless of whether they have autism, or a severe learning disability, legally, they are classed as an adult. As a parent, you can no longer make decisions on their behalf. Most parents have been advocates for their special needs child for all of their lives and that is not going to stop overnight when that (adult) child becomes 18, after all, who knows them better than the parents? But if your loved one is in the care of the state, and the care staff or social worker or any other professional takes a dislike to you, thinks you take a little too much interest in your son or daughter’s well-being, are too 'difficult' or 'emotional' then the chances are they will stop you from visiting or having any contact. This step will also deny you the right to information regarding medication or any other issues about your loved one's welfare, and it all comes under the guise of your loved one's 'best interest', policy - pulling out the Court of Protection/Mental Capacity Act gagging cards. Parents either toe the line or lose contact with their child forever. That is the reality of today. (I would suggest reading warrior mum Finlola Moss and also Leo Andrade's journey to see the dreadful way parents have their rights taken away and in Leo's case, often denied visitation with her autistic son. )

The misuse of the Mental Capacity Act has brought a huge increase in applications for Deprivation of Liberty safeguards through the courts. It's hard to believe that in 2014 this government are advocating locking up people with special needs and depriving them of family contact, people who would have had more freedom in the 70s living in large 'institutions' than they do in community care and independent 'of family' living' today... How has this been allowed to happen? People are being abused by the state and nobody cares. Something has to be done to stop this illegal abuse of power. Something has to be done today...

Michelle Daly

Warrior Mums

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27 March 2014

Introduction to Warrior Mums

Thank you from Jan Tregelles

As Chief executive of the Royal Mencap Society, and also as a mum, I have the utmost respect for parents and carers, many of whom sacrifice a huge amount, but also gain a huge amount of joy and insight, from caring for loved ones with a learning disability.

Family is at the heart of the Royal Mencap Society. We were founded in 1946 by Judy Fryd, mother of a child with a learning disability and, 65 years later, family continues to be at the heart of everything we do.

We are honoured that Mencap has been chosen as the beneficiary of this book. We are also humbled by these amazingly brave women who have shared their stories so powerfully. It is only by harnessing the love, positivity and hope of all the people with a learning disability and their families that we will be able to change things.

In your name, and in the name of all people with a learning disability and their families, Mencap will continue to fight to ensure that everyone has the freedom to live a life without fear and without limit,

Thank you,


Jan Tregelles, Chief executive, Royal Mencap Society

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