Warrior Mums

Warrior Mums
Thanks to warrior mum Jo Worgan for creating collage.

27 March 2014

Introduction to Warrior Mums

Thank you from Jan Tregelles

As Chief executive of the Royal Mencap Society, and also as a mum, I have the utmost respect for parents and carers, many of whom sacrifice a huge amount, but also gain a huge amount of joy and insight, from caring for loved ones with a learning disability.

Family is at the heart of the Royal Mencap Society. We were founded in 1946 by Judy Fryd, mother of a child with a learning disability and, 65 years later, family continues to be at the heart of everything we do.

We are honoured that Mencap has been chosen as the beneficiary of this book. We are also humbled by these amazingly brave women who have shared their stories so powerfully. It is only by harnessing the love, positivity and hope of all the people with a learning disability and their families that we will be able to change things.

In your name, and in the name of all people with a learning disability and their families, Mencap will continue to fight to ensure that everyone has the freedom to live a life without fear and without limit,

Thank you,


Jan Tregelles, Chief executive, Royal Mencap Society

Say it with photos –

"OMG I'm in a book!" The smiling face of warrior mum Justine Bailey

Wendy Hirst

Hayley Golenioska

Emma Murphy

Sandy Costall

Lesley Chan

Jane Raca

Clair Carbold

Justine Bailey

Julia Donal


Jo Worgan

And not forgetting our guest international Mums..

Jen Anderson
Mari Nosal

A special tribute to Australian Mum Marie Greening Zidan.. The Wonderful Mother She Was..

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