19 December 2011

Vengeance of an Amazon Book Reviewer

I've spent a good while mulling over whether or not to post this blog.
I’m not really a blogger and if I’m honest I’d rather read than write them. But there’s a monkey sitting on my back which I have to shake off so I can step into the New Year with a lighter load. It’s for that reason I have decided to share what happened to me earlier this year when I upset someone I had met on a social media site; someone I looked upon as a friend.

A negative book review is a healthy thing, so I’m told.
Hey, there isn't any accounting for taste so why should any of us beat ourselves up if someone doesn’t like what we write or the way we write it?

On the other hand, what if the review has nothing to do with your book and is written out of pure spite? Of course the natural reaction is to look the other way and ignore them but that’s not always possible.

I have been both mainstream and self-published and have met quite a few writers on the social media sites such as Myspace, Facebook and (a newbie) on Twitter. Earlier this year, a friend (not herself a writer) kept harping on my Facebook page about how she will never buy from Amazon and how unhappy she was that writers are selling their wares through Amazon when Amazon is? Selling child pornography. I felt that she was making people feel uncomfortable so I deleted her.

What did she then go and do?